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The following article describe all the implemented tags we have available during the installation of ICT.

Almost all of them implement registry keys under:

  • Local Machine / Software / Watchful Software / RightsWATCH
  • Local Machine / Software / WOW6432Node /Watchful Software / RightsWATCH


Tag nameDescriptionSupported ValuesCan add directly to the registry?Registry key typeRegistry key name
WebserviceURL to the ICT webservice required for the installationstring value (e.g.: http[s]://<ICT_FQDN>[: port_number]/ict/webservice)YES; ICT service restart requiredStringWebservice
HideLogoHide ICT logo from border1 or 0 if you want to hide or notYES; ICT service restart requiredDWORDHideLogo
InstallDependenciesInstall ICT dependencies such as Sharing App and RMS client1 or 0 to install or notNONANA
installpasswordUninstall password active so the user is asked for a password when uninstalling the product1 or 0 to ask or not for for a password upon uninstallNONAInstallCheck
InstallRMSOfficeAddinInstall RMS Office Addin1 or 0 to install or notNONANA
nShowMSIPCOptionsEnable the Sharing App to be visible1 or 0 to enable or notNODWORDnShowMSIPCOptions
nShowMSDRMOptionsEnable the Native RMS interface to be visible1 or 0 to enable or notYES; needs PC restartDWORDnShowMSDRMOptions
ExcelWatermarkNumberOfSheetsDecide how many sheets will have Watermark (WM) applied on an Excel file – applicable to Excel 2010 and higher versions
  • -1 (apply WM to all sheets)
  • 0 (No WM applied on Excel)
  • x (where x is a number greater than 0 that will indicate to the plugin the amount of sheets to apply the WM to)
DisableRulesHide the admin rules view in the end user interface1 or 0 to disable or notYES; ICT service restart requiredDWORDDisableRules
nNumberMailsToCheckForConversationIDDefine how many emails should ICT search for the origin email of a RE or FW if it fails to find it in the recent cache - if omitted by default it will be 50Natural Number - 1 to infinite

YES; ICT service restart required

ForceClassifyWordRestrictedEditingForce the classification of password protected (for editing – Restricted Editing) Office Word documents
  • 0 (the classification process will be bypassed - behavior will be the same as if the document has Restricted Access)
  • 1 (the classification process will be equal to user will be asked for classification but the classification info will only be saved in the Custom Properties - which can be manually changed - and the watermarks will not be applied)
YES; ICT service restart requiredDWORDForceClassifyWordRestrictedEditing
ClientLicenseAssign a license key required for the installationThe license key is available on the administration console, more specifically on the “System Setup” tab, “Server Keys” sub-tab. This extra step is available on version 14.6 and onwards and it is mandatoryNONANA
HostedDesktopEnable Hosted Desktop mode - When Hosted Desktop mode is enabled, ICT office plugins, shell extension and icon overlay service, are loaded for licensed users, only. On this mode, unlicensed users will have their license verified, only when the user logs in.1 or 0 to enable or notNONAHostedDesktop
nForceAlternateDisclaimerMethodUse a Different method to apply the ICT watermark because of the disclaimer being added to the bottom of some email messages.
  • 0 (use the regular method)
  • 1 (use the alternate method to ensure WM is applied)
YES; ICT service restart requiredDWORDnForceAlternateDisclaimerMethod


(Not added to rw-config file. Inserted directly to registry)

The amount of seconds the Global Protector will wait before launching the Excel instance, instead of the automated Excel instance, to apply Watermark to a file.

If the timeout is reached, this add watermark method will be slower but more reliable.

Number greater than 0 that will indicate the amount of seconds to define the timeout

  • 0
  • 1


 Key (e.g. RBW8aVx4VqvC2Xo/9IGXyrcrjKCH0Fgg0LQJv8UPd1A=)   
AzureTenantID ID (e.g 1c758735-14ce-4bc4-9e48-1316db767a00)   
AzureInternalCertificationURL Certification URL (e.g.   
AzureExternalCertificationURL Certification URL (e.g.   
PerformADGroupExpansionIf enabled, ICT client will validate membership of nested groups in order to check the full AD group membership for the logged in user.1 or 0 to enable or notYES; needs PC restartDWORDPerformADGroupExpansion

By default, if the tag is not available, the ICT icon overlay will be installed and visible for the end user. The same happens when the tag is set to 1.

If it is not installed, tag set to 0, ICT icons will not be displayed to the end user.


  • This feature is only available on release
1 or 0 to install or notYES; needs PC restart  
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  1. Is there a way to replace the "clientLicense" without having to reinstall the client?

    1. Yes, there is one.

      The Administrator can export the mls-key.bin from the Administration console and distribute to the endpoints.

      This requires endpoint restart or ICT service restart.