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FAQ about the ICT Client

Page: Adobe Send & Track incompatibility with ICT Page: An error occurred encrypting the document (Using Azure RMS) Page: Classification buttons are not present but the plugin is loaded Page: Client Configuration error codes Page: Email is automatically classified and the user isn't able to change the classification Page: Error 0 accessing the webservice due to a Server Certificate problem Page: Error 500 when contacting the webservice Page: Error Contacting the Webservice Page: Error thrown while saving the file encrypted Page: Excel Watermarking option Page: How to access ICT file classification Page: How to check ICT version Page: How to enable the RMS Sharing app to operate with RightsWATCH Page: How to get non-office files classification information Page: ICT Client Deployment using GPO Page: ICT Event Parser Page: ICT functional Offline logs location and buffer Page: ICT msi installation error 2753 Page: ICT plugin is installed but is not showing up in the office applications Page: ICT silent Install / uninstall Page: Outlook send button does not respond Page: RMS Licensing Server not found Page: RMS Sharing App is running the installation when opening a protected pfile / accessing the folder Page: RW-Config.ini and Registry tags explained Page: Unable to install / uninstall ICT client Page: User belongs to a role with rights but cannot consume information Page: User can classify information but cannot consume it / Reset AD RMS Client Page: Why is a pop up window appearing when connecting to ICT server